Planning the Perfect Meal Service for Your Next Company Event
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Planning the Perfect Meal Service for Your Next Company Event

Providing food for employees at company events is a great way to show your appreciation for all they do. Whether you choose to offer a buffet, a catered meal, or a casual potluck style option, it's important to make sure that you meet everyone's preferences and expectations. There are many ways to make sure that your employees' needs are met – such as conducting a poll well before the event to understand what everyone wants. This blog was created to help business owners and managers put together the ultimate food service game plan for events of all kinds throughout the year. Get tips and tricks for planning themed meal service options, and for making sure that the food is not only tasty but healthful too.


Planning the Perfect Meal Service for Your Next Company Event

Common Contract Food Service Management Questions

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Adding a cafeteria to your business's building can be an excellent way of providing your employees with a convenient and cost-effective way of eating. However, there are many business leaders that may not have seriously considered this option until recently, and they may not be aware of the valuable services that can be offered by a contract food service management provider. Once you have answers to these two concerns about these food providers, you will have a better understanding of what to expect when using them for your business's cafeteria. 

How Can Contract Food Service Management Providers Help Your Enterprise?

In order to establish a cafeteria service for your works, you will need to have an entire staff and equipment to provide for the preparation and serving of the food as well as the cleanup when it closes. Hiring this many employees and purchasing the required equipment can be a dauntingly expensive task for small or medium sized businesses to undertake. 

When you use a food service management company, they will provide you with these resources. Additionally, they will also handle all the aspects of acquiring the needed ingredients to keep it running. For those wanting to ensure there are specific meal options available for workers with dietary sensitivities, you can often choose the items that you want rotated through the menu or available each day. 

What Should You Expect During Health Department Inspections?

Every eating establishment will be subject to random inspections by the local health department. These inspections are to ensure that the proper safety regulations are being followed to avoid causing food-borne illnesses.This will require them to go through your entire cafeteria to ensure that food is properly stored as well as making sure that the proper cleaning is being done.  

Not surprisingly, making sure the kitchen will pass a health department inspection can be a challenging task, and some business leaders may not establish a cafeteria because they are concerned about this added workload. However, this is not something you must worry about if you use a food service provider because they will be entirely responsible for ensuring all applicable health codes are being followed. 

Starting cafeteria services for your employees can be an excellent way of providing affordable and convenient food as a perk to your employees. Learning about the benefits of using professional food service management providers as well as how these companies handle health department inspections should make the value of these services clear to your enterprise.